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Av og På part 1


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part of phase 3 – Content Production in the Digital Storytelling online course / LinkedIn Learning

Some favorites from editing at / LinkedIn Learning.

Humble beginnings from a time before YouTube influencers.

ca. 2010-2012

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from the 250+ collection

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Fender Musical Instrument Co. Inc.

Fender sizzle reel

ca. 2009

and other selections

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The Film World

Editing film or video is much like the act of choreographing a dance. Elements are moved side to side, forward and back, and layered on a timeline that begins to resemble sheet music.


Editing is a creative process, where technical knowledge allows for freedom of artistic expression.


Editing is an opportunity to help tell the story.


As an editor, I bring many areas into the process of editing.

A background in art brings sensitivity to the use of compositions, color, and visual metaphors.

A background in music brings musicality, rhythm, and an understanding of dynamics.

Training in screenwriting helps me to break down a story and re-work it, if necessary.


In the film world, I am most often an editor, though I have assumed various other roles including director, camera operator, dramaturg, sound designer, color corrector, special effects compositor, motion graphics artist, production designer, prop master, and various others depending on the size of the production.

Embla Film’s “Alt for Beffen” 

coming soon (2021)

roles: editor, dramaturg, color corrector

Bjorn Braathen Productions’

“Da kvinnen kom til Verden”  coming soon

roles: editor, VFX compositor, color corrector

see on

Chris Chan Lee’s “Silent River”

roles: production designer, prop master

see on

Dark Truth, White Lies

a short film made in 48 hours at the Almost Famous Film Festival. This film was selected for viewing as […]