Strandgaten video art projections

activating city spaces as part of the B Open Festival 2020

Bergen, Norway

Collaboration with artists:

Enara Barnés Larrukert

Anne Magnussen

Bjørg Taranger


My independent contribution: “Av og På – part 1”

a disjointed Schengen dance filmed with a mobil device

Av og På


Back and forth

out and in


A disjointed Schengen dance.


It plays like memories

out of order

randomly triggered


Along the way there is magic,


surprises, stresses, and disappointments,

moments of enlightenment, clarity and joy,

moments of hopelessness 

and (one moment) of despair.


I am privileged to have had this journey. 

That doesn’t mean that it was easy.


Wrestling with uncertainty.

Convincing myself of stability.

Collapsing, at moments.


I was brave to take the risk to begin with.

The signs seemed clear. 

My own worries threw rocks on the road.


The road that opened up

in ways beyond wildest expectations.



Other collaborations include work originally created for the Ilmin Museum of Art (Seoul) with film director Anne Magnussen including “Layer by Layer” and “The Feeling of Peace: 4 languages / 4 landscapes”